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Federal Transit Funds in the Recovery Act

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Concrete work on the Grays Harbor Transit - Aberdeen Station. See more photos on flickr...
The Recovery Act provided $8.4 billion to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Washington state received $179 million of that federal funding for investments in transportation, including transit and other public transportation projects.

Public Transportation Projects

  • $12 million - Rural Public Transportation 
  • $12 million - Small Urban Areas
  • $142 million - Large Urban Areas

Who selected the projects for the formula funds in Washington?

The projects in the urbanized area including the Section 5307 and the Fixed Guideway were selected locally. Usually the metropolitan planning organizations have an established process for distribution of FTA funding. For an example of the selected projects in the Puget Sound area.

Rural Public Transportation
The projects for the rural areas were selected by the state using a competitive process. In December 2008 and January 2009, WSDOT developed a capital project list in anticipation of the Recovery Act. This list consisted on a variety of project types including:

  • Purchasing replacement and expansion vehicles
  • Purchasing new communication equipment
  • Constructing facilities and transit centers
  • Repairing buildings
  • Installing bus shelters

WSDOT identified more than $45 million in projects that met the definition of "ready to go" in rural areas. An independent Grants Review Team prioritized project types and selected projects for funding.

For information about the FHWA funding project and how much will be invested in Washington highways.

Last revised on April 03, 2014