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Stimulus Newsletter June 22, 2011

During the peak of the Recovery Act, Stimulus News You Can Use was one way WSDOT kept transportation stakeholders updated on the fast-moving effort to put people to work and improve the state’s infrastructure. Each edition contained information on project delivery and highlights. Visit the Newsletter Archive for earlier editions.

June 22, 2011

This week's stimulus update 

Almost 200 Recovery Act highway projects completed – More than 90% of the nearly $500 million in Recovery Act funds for state and local highway improvements in Washington have now been spent on 219 projects, including 198 projects that have been completed.

As of May 31, 2011, state and local governments have spent $445 million of the $490 million for improvements.

Many of the high profile local projects, including new HOV lanes in Pierce County and bridges in Redmond, Puyallup, and Lynnwood are now operationally complete. This month, the Port of Tacoma announced its Lincoln Avenue Grade Separation project opened to traffic on June 6.

Twenty-one projects (eight state and 13 local) are still under construction, including the I-405/NE 8th Street to SR 520 Braided Ramps project in Bellevue. In addition, two Recovery Act-funded Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery grant projects are under way in Seattle and Spokane.

Highway stimulus delivery (dollars in millions)

Highway projects




Project Delivery

Operationally complete

43 (84%)

155 (92%)

198 (90%)

Awarded/under way

51 (100%)

168 (100%)

219 (100%)


51 (100%)

168 (100%)

219 (100%)





Spending Update

Funding allocated




Amount expended

$300.6 (88%)

$144.6 (96%)

$445.2 (90.8%)

 Two completed safety programs are now counted as projects.
The Recovery Act highway project list has updated project status.

Completed Recovery Act highway projects:

WSDOT/Lynnwood – I-5/196th St SW Interchange/Pedestrian Improvements
WSDOT – I-5/Port of Tacoma Road to King County Line – Add HOV
Everett – ARRA HMA Overlay
Kent – East Valley Highway – S. 212th Street to SR 167
Normandy Park – 1st Avenue South, Phase 2A, Multi-modal Enhancements
Redmond – NE 36th Street Bridge
Puyallup – Phase III Shaw Road Extension Project
Skokomish Tribe – SR 101/t3ba’as Parkway Intersection Safety Improvements

Open to traffic on June 6

Port of Tacoma –
Lincoln Ave Grade Separation

May 2011 Recovery Act employment update: 

In May 2011, highway projects receiving Recovery Act funds provided $4.2 million in payroll. To date, employees have worked more than 4.4 million hours on the projects, earning $172.2 million. More information on Recovery Act employment is available at the employment data website.

May Data



May Total


Payroll (in millions)



$4.2 million

$172.2 million to date

Labor hours




4.4 million to date

Monthly FTEs
(173 hours per monthly FTE)




2,092 yearly FTEs to date (2080 hours per FTE)





Note: Not a count of unique employees

Note: Includes all labor on projects receiving Recovery Act Federal Highway Administration funds.


Last revised on April 11, 2014