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Freight Transportation

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Truck Freight

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Marine Freight

The transportation of goods in Washington State plays a critical role in fostering economic vitality and enhancing competitiveness. Freight transportation systems, including roads, bridges, and highways, to railroads, pipelines, and ports, to factories, warehouses, and terminals are critical to supporting and growing more jobs, more regional domestic product, and a larger tax base. The multimodal freight transportation system allows business in Washington to effectively compete in regional and global markets.

The WSDOT Freight Systems Division is responsible for the state’s multimodal freight planning, freight data collection and analysis, executive freight policy and regulatory guidance, and freight research program. FSD is also responsible for the state’s Freight Rail activities which include administering the Freight Rail Assistance Program and Freight Rail Investment Bank loan program, managing the state-owned Palouse and Coulee City (PCC) Rail System, and managing the state’s Grain Train program. FSD is the state’s point of contact for communicating with freight-dependent business (businesses that are heavily reliant on the freight system to do business, in addition to freight carriers) and other freight stakeholders across the state.

What’s new: The Washington State Freight Mobility Plan was completed in October 2014. View the plan here

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