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General Refund

Buy Now How do I go about requesting a refund?

When a severe service change causes ferry customers to alter their commuting habits, the normal policy of no refunds for frequent user multi-ride tickets may be waived. Our Customer Service and Operations Revenue Collection Managers will review each request for refund based on travel, length of disruption or service changed, and other mitigations. Contact our Wave2Go staff at

As there are many different ways to purchase a ferry ticket or ride, there are also different ways to request a refund.

For sales of single fares from a ferry tollbooth:

Refunds may only be requested at the originating terminal on the same day.

  • If you paid by cash, travelers check, credit/debit or WSF Account and a sailing is canceled, you change your travel plans, or you are unable to make your desired departure, take your barcoded receipt and any tickets issued back to the tollbooth and request a refund.

For sales of a single fare from a ferry kiosk or via the Web:

As these are credit transactions, you need to ask a Seller for a Request for Refund Envelope and mail the ticket in for an administrative refund. These refunds take approximately one week to process.

For sales of multi-ride products purchased at a tollbooth, a kiosk or via the Web:

These fare products are non-refundable according to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). If there has been some error caused by Washington State Ferries, please contact our Operations Revenue Collection Department at 206-515-3825 for assistance.

For those customers who find their Wave2Go card has what appear to be multiple scans:

on the same date/time, we apologize. There are times when the equipment and/or operator can cause this to happen. Please ask a Seller for a Request for Refund Envelope. If there are still rides available, the extra scan(s) will be put back onto your card. If there are no rides left, a refund for the value of the extra scan(s) will be processed.

For those customers who purchase fares online:

and do not receive a return email with the tickets attached or received the email too late to travel, please contact Customer Service at 206-464-6400 and select the Wave2Go option. If there is time, the email can be re-sent. If not, a refund will be processed.