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2012 Triangle Route Ridership

Faunt-Vash 1,105,064
Faunt-SW 478,000
SW-Vash 91,100
Total 1,674,168

Vehicle Passengers
Faunt-Vash 572,414
Faunt-SW 215,662
SW-Vash 4,738
Total 792,814

Walk-on Passengers
Faunt-Vash 250,328
Faunt-SW 103,916
SW-Vash 65,240
Total 419,484

Total Riders
Faunt-Vash 1,927,806
Faunt-SW 797,582
SW-Vash 161,078
Total 2,886,466

WSF Schedule Proposals

Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth ("triangle") route schedule revision process

Fauntleroy, Vashon and Southworth ferry terminals

Community Meetings

Please join us at upcoming community meetings to provide feedback on the proposed sailing schedule for fall 2014.

  • 6-8pm, Wed., Feb. 26 at the Commissioner’s Chambers in Port Orchard, 619 Division Street
  • 6-8pm, Thu., Feb. 27 at McMurray Middle School on Vashon Island, 9329 SW Cemetery Road.

If you are unable to make a meeting, you may download handouts and send your comments to by March 6. 

Customer Feedback

Thanks to the many customers and community members who attended the public open houses on October 26 and 29, and to those who took a moment to complete our online survey. Thank You! Based on the comments heard and further guidance from the Fauntleroy Schedule Steering Committee, a weekday schedule proposal has been developed that minimizes changes to the peak commuter periods yet provides more opportunity for schedule catch up during the lighter used mid-day periods.

Current schedule

Why is WSF looking at changes to the triangle route schedule?

  • To accomodate the additional vehicle capacity when the 124-car Cathlamet replaces the 87-car Klahowya in fall 2014.
  • To improve reliability and reduce delays
  • To plan for future demand

Schedule challenges

  • What is most important to our customers?
  • What are the effects from the increase in vehicle capacity on loading and unloading?
  • How can service be deployed for current and expected travel patterns?
  • How do we improve on-time departures when so many factors affect schedule reliability?

Considerations and constraints when reviewing the triangle route schedule (These are some of the many factors we need to consider on the Triangle Route)

  • Daily Vehicle Capacity
  • Sailing Frequency
  • Hour-by-Hour Demand
  • On-Time Performance
  • Passenger Loading
  • Commuter Needs
  • Fauntleroy Dock
  • Loading/Unloading Times
  • Crossing Times
  • Crew Schedules
  • Bus Connections
  • Water Taxi Connections
  • Direct vs. Multi-Stop Sailings
  • Medical Transport Trips
  • Vessel Shift Impacts
  • Hours of Service
  • Varying Car Capacity
  • Level of Service
  • Varying Vessel Speed
  • Vessel Fueling
  • Vehicle Allocations
  • Fuel Conservation
  • What else?

Who is involved in this process?
The process is guided by a steering committee with representatives including:

We consult with other entities such as the King County Ferry District/Vashon Water Taxi and Vashon Island School District as the process continues.

What is the timeline?
The steering committee will work during the course of 2013 to discuss and develop a revised schedule by April 2014 so that WSF, King County Metro and other agencies will be able to implement a coordinated set of changes for the fall 2014 sailing season.

  • January-March 2013 - Staff research and data collection
  • April 2013 - Develop schedule values
  • May 2013 - Review data from current route operations
  • June 2013 (PUBLIC MEETINGS) - Seek community input on schedule needs as part of regular WSF community meeting
  • July 2013 - Consider initial draft schedule concepts based on community input
  • August - September 2013 - Revise draft schedule concepts
  • October 2013 (PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES) - Present guiding principles and current route information to community/riders at drop-in open houses 
  • November 2013 -  Update schedule concepts per community comments
  • December 2013 (PUBLIC MEETINGS) - Present update on process and open house input to community as part of regular WSF community meeting
  • January 2014 - Prepare draft schedule(s) per meeting comments
  • February 2014 (PUBLIC MEETINGS) - Present draft schedule to community for review and input
  • March 2014 - Refine schedule per sommunity comments  
  • April 2014 - Finalize schedule and transmit within WSF and to partners (King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Vashon Water Taxi)
  • September 2014 - Implement revised schedule

For more information and to send in your input as part of this process, please contact:

Ray Deardorf
WSF Planning Director