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Ferries - 2009 Long-Range Plan

 Final Long-Range Plan cover

WSF released the Final Long-Range Plan on June 30, 2009, at an historic point in Washington’s marine transportation. The culmination of new legislative direction, new leadership, and new information about ferry system customers provides a unique opportunity to set a positive direction for the ferry system. While challenges remain, particularly the identification of a stable source of capital funding, this plan sets forth a vision for the future of the ferry system that will enable it to maintain its current routes and service levels, improve its operation, and make essential vessel and terminal investments.

The Final Plan presents a vision for the future of the WSF system. Consistent with legislative direction, it maintains current levels of service with limited improvements (as new vessels are acquired to replace retiring vessels) and the state’s role asprincipal owner and operator of the marine transportation system. The plan presents a realistic service and capital investment strategy that seeks to balance service goals and long-term funding requirements.

You may download the entire plan or sections of the plan below:

Final Long-Range Plan Complete Copy (pdf 2 MB)

Executive Summary (pdf 93 kb)
Background and Context (pdf 443 kb )
Public and Stakeholder Inlvolvement (pdf 99 kb)  
Our Customers: Ridership and Demand (pdf 263 kb)
Customer Service: Level of Service Standards (pdf 167 kb )
Operations: Adaptive Management Strategies (pdf 304 kb)
Service Plan and Investment Needs (pdf 471 kb)
Long-Range Plan Implementation (pdf 219 kb)

Technical Appendices
A. Summary of Legislative Requirements (pdf 63 kb)
B. Terminal Design Standards (pdf 72 kb)
C. List of Participants (pdf 26 kb)  
D. Public Comments on Draft Plan Part 1 (pdf 1.55 mb)
D. Public Comments on Draft Plan Part 2 (pdf 3.65 mb)
E. Agency and Stakeholder Comments on Draft Plan Part 1 (pdf 2.45 mb)
E. Agency and Stakeholder Comments on Draft Plan Part 2 (pdf 3.02 mb)
E. Agency and Stakeholder Comments on Draft Plan Part 3 (pdf 2.54 mb)
F. Ridership Forecasting Technical Report (pdf 540 kb)
G. Annualization Factors for Ridership Analysis (pdf 101 kb)
H. Operating Strategies Evaluation (pdf 872 kb)
I. Joint WSF/WSTC Recommendations on Adaptive Management Strategies (pdf 80 kb)
J. Proposed Transit Enhancements by Terminal (pdf 152 kb)
K. Pricing Strategies Evaluation (pdf 360 kb)
L. One-Point Toll Collection Technical Memorandum (pdf 57 kb)
M. Scenario A and Scenario B (pdf 573 kb)
N. Proposed Vessel Assignments  (pdf 294 kb)
O. Sources and Uses (pdf 83 kb)
P. Environmental Considerations (pdf 234 kb)

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