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Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC)

Hazardous materials site

Contractors are required to prepare a project specific Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan prior to any construction activity.

Projects need to follow the SPCC requirements of Section #1-07.15(1) of the current WSDOT Standard Specification book. Contract requirements are available at the WSDOT Construction web page.  Staff are encouraged to contact a Haz Mat Specialist (pdf 72 kb) for questions, recommendations, or a project SPCC assessment.


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Secondary Containment Methods
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SPCC Plan Guidance, Forms, and Templates

SPCC Resources


Available Training

Spill Plan Reviewer Training (WSDOT Staff)

Section 1-2.2J(1) of the Construction Manual requires all WSDOT personnel who review SPCC plans to take this training. The content of the course focuses on the overall basics of spill prevention, regulatory reporting requirements and reviewing SPCC Plans to insure compliance with the minimum requirements of the Standard Specification #1-07.15(1). It is recommended that staff take the class every two years as a refresher to stay current on changing requirements.

We developed an e-learning course to help staff review SPCC plans and ensure it meets standard spec requirements. This course is available for WSDOT staff in the Learning Management System.  If you have a special need that can’t be addressed by the e-learning course, please contact Trent Ensminger.

Half-Hour Spill Prevention Course (Contractors)

This half-hour training module is a required component of the two-day Certification in Construction Site Erosion and Sedimentation Control course.