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Discipline Report Guidance

Discipline reports may be prepared by WSDOT to document environmental studies and investigations that require detailed, technical analysis and supporting documentation.   

This page contains technical information and is intended for a technical audience.

General Guidance

Document environmental impacts in the most efficient manner.  Generally, this means writing directly to the environmental document and including supporting analysis in the appendix.  However, in some cases, a discipline report may be warranted.   

The discipline report checklists below are intended to provide general guidance for report reviewers.  The reports should be scaled to reflect the complexity of the project.  Use professional judgment to determine which elements listed are needed for your project. 

Discipline Report Checklists:

Air Quality (pdf 52 kb) Relocation (pdf 44 kb)
Cultural Resources (pdf 40 kb) Section 4(f) (pdf 57 kb)
Economic Elements(pdf 43 kb) Section 6(f) (pdf 35 kb)
Environmental Justice (pdf 42 kb) Social (pdf 51 kb)
Energy (pdf 43 kb) Traffic Noise (pdf 43 kb)
Farmland Conversion (pdf 35 kb) Transportation (pdf 43 kb)
Fisheries Resources (pdf 60 kb) Vegetation (pdf 55 kb)
Floodplain (pdf 41 kb) Visual Impacts (pdf 57 kb)
Geology and Soils (pdf 40 kb) Surface Water (pdf 56 kb)
Groundwater (pdf 40 kb) Wetlands (pdf 50 kb)
Hazardous Materials Wildlife (pdf 59 kb)
Land Use (pdf 59 kb)

Discipline Report Templates:

Economic Effects template (pdf 53 kb)  
Environmental Justice template (pdf 56 kb)  
Fisheries Resources template (pdf 421 kb)  
Social Effects template (pdf 53 kb)  
Vegetation template (pdf 47 kb)  
Wildlife template (pdf 79 kb)  
Surface Water technical guidance (pdf 98 kb)

Discipline Report Review

  • Find a discipline specialist to review your report (pdf 75 kb)
  • Discipline Report Comment form (docx 95 kb).