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Design Support

Assistant State Design Engineers

The Assistant State Design Engineer (ASDE) and the Design Liaisons, located in the Development Division at Headquarters, provide safe, dependable, strategically balanced guidance, direction and approval of WSDOT's design documentation, standards and policies. 

Project Delivery Selection Guidance (PDMSG)

PDMSG was developed to aid WSDOT staff in evaluating projects for the most appropriate Project Delivery Method (PDM) based on each project's attributes, opportunities and risks that result in the most cost effective and best value project delivery in support of Reform VII.

Design Documentation Package

PS & E Guidance

  • Project Development Support
    Technical support and training for engineering data systems used in preparation of Estimates and Contract Plans



Assistant State Design Engineers and Design Liaisons Engineers

Deputy State Design Engineer
Mike Fleming
Supporting Policy, Standards & Research, Strategic Analysis & Estimating, Hydraulics, Highway Runoff Manual, Access & Developer Services, Roadside & Site Development, Expert Witness and 306b Witness for Design

Assistant State Design Engineer
Scott Zeller

Supporting Olympic, Eastern, North Central, South Central, and Southwest Region, SR 99 (AWV) and Aviation & Rail

Assistant State Design Engineer
Greg Lippincott, PE

Supporting Northwest Region, Sound Transit, Tolling Program, SR 520, Public Transportation, Facilities, and Washington State Ferries (WSF)

Design Liaisons

Design Liaison
Kurt Sielbach
Supporting Expert Witness and 306b Witness for Design, SR 520, SR 99 (AWV), Tolling Program and WSF

Design Liaison
Kent Kalisch
Supporting Olympic, Eastern, North Central, South Central Region, and Aviation & Rail

Design Liaison
John Tevis

Supporting Southwest, Northwest Region, and Sound Transit

Design Liaison

John Klockenteger
Supporting Northwest Region and Sound Transit


Other responsibilities:

  • Value Engineering (VE) study
  • Public Art Plan
  • Mid block crossing
  • IJR process
  • State Work Force use
  • State supplied material use
  • Work zone plan resource
  • Parking plan in urban areas
  • Q program change plan
  • Passing Lane Design

WSDOT Regions ASDE's:

  • Northwest
  • Eastern
  • North Central
  • Olympic
  • South Central
  • Southwest

Washington State Regions