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Mt. Baker areaSnohomish CountyKing CountyOlympicSouthwestSouth CentralNorth CentralEastern

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Public Transportation Division

Questions about park and ride facilities in Washington may be directed to WSDOT at

Carol Hunter

Staff Contacts

310 Maple Park Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98504

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 47387
Olympia, WA 98504

Park and Ride General Information

Puget Sound
Park and Ride Inventory 


The ready-to-print park and ride map (pdf 1 mb) takes inventory of lots in the state's most populous counties - Snohomish, King and Pierce.
See the location of park and ride lots and how full they get on a typical work day.

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Questions about a
specific park and ride?
In most cases park and ride lots are operated and maintained by local transit agencies. For questions regarding a specific park and ride lot, please contact the transit agencies that serves it.

Snohomish Co. Community Transit:

Sound Transit:


King County Metro:  


Pierce Transit:


Thurston Co.
Intercity Transit:


Spokane Transit:


To find agencies not listed here, please refer to the website links in the park and ride locator or use the regional services provider in the state map to the left.

Park and ride is a great option for people who have a long commute, don't live near a transit route or need a convenient place to meet their vanpool or carpool.

Find the best park and ride for your trip or commute.

Commonly asked questions:

Are park and rides secure?

Most park and rides are not staffed by an attendant, but police typically patrol them.
Some park and rides are equipped with enhanced lighting, emergency call boxes and security cameras.

Wherever you park, it's always wise to be aware of your surroundings. Do not leave valuables visible inside your vehicle, and always lock up. 

Can I leave my car for as long as I want and for any purpose?

At most lots signs indicate the maximum allowable parking time, usually 48 hours. Maximum parking periods are enforced by law, and violators may be towed.

Park and ride lots are intended to serve the community by providing a convenient, safe transfer area for transit, carpool and vanpool passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

How are the rules enforced?

Transit agencies that operate and maintain park and rides work closely with local law enforcement to keep them safe and secure. The Washington State Patrol  enforces laws at lots operated by WSDOT.

When will new park and rides be added?

WSDOT and transit agencies are building partnerships to add new park and rides and increase capacity at existing. From asking churches and community centers to share lot space to working with developers and property owners to include park and rides under new residential and retail buildings, innovation is expanding this commute option.