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Identify work opportunities

Subcontractors at work near Fife


Become a Subcontractor

If your firm is unfamiliar with government contracting, one strategy to “get your foot in the door” is to start out as a subcontractor.
A small business can obtain work on WSDOT projects as a subcontractor or subconsultant by networking and establishing a business relationship with larger “prime” contractors. These prime contractors are the companies that perform the construction projects for WSDOT but typically subcontract out a portion of all of their contracts.
To establish these business relationships, determine whom you need to speak to within these companies:

As your business develops more capacity, capital and experience, you may become a prime contractor in the future.

Find Design-Build Projects

Design-Build is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. In contrast to "design–bid–build", design–build relies on a single point of responsibility, and is used to minimize risks for the WSDOT and to reduce the delivery schedules by overlapping both the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Some of WSDOT’s larger projects are administered through the design-build process. Because these are very large projects, more opportunities exist for subcontractors. Locate more information about current design-build projects and potential bidding opportunities .

Apply to the Small Works Roster

Small works projects are less than $300,000. These are the types of projects small businesses are better able to compete for and win.

Submit the required forms (pdf 150 kb) to WSDOT’s Contract Ad & Award Office to register. If your business is qualified and approved for the Small Works Roster, depending upon what your firm has the experience to perform, you may receive notices (brief project descriptions) about upcoming small works projects so you can bid on them.

View the call for bids

The Contract Ad and Award Office maintains the “Call for Bids” which is an online listing of WSDOT construction projects coming up for bid in the near future. Visit contractor resources for additional information.


Apply to an on-call roster as a consultant or subconsultant

The Consultant Services Office advertises for professional services such as engineering, architecture, and surveying. For small businesses, the on-call rosters are a good avenue for starting out. With on-call rosters, WSDOT can select more than one firm to perform work on an “as needed” or on-call basis.

To get on an on-call roster, you must first submit a Statement of Qualifications (a form specific to each open advertisement ) in response to an ad for on-call services. If your company is too small or new to bid on the on-call rosters as a prime consultant, start out as a subconsultant.

Learn how to respond to an open advertisement and get answers to common questions .

More Work Opportunities

Contract with Washington State Ferries

Look at the upcoming projects list for vessel improvements, large equipment purchases, and concession contracts. For more information, visit business with Washington State Ferries .

Procurement and Materials Management

Have supplies or materials to sell? Procurement and Materials Management purchases supplies and materials for most of WSDOT. Contact the procurement office nearest you.

Administrative and Information Technology Contracts

WSDOT’s Administrative Contracts Office advertises through Washington Electronic and Business Solution (WEBS) and awards contracts for products and personal services such as:

  • IT hardware, software and system development
  • Network architecture design and maintenance
  • Project management
  • Data sharing agreements
  • Disaster recovery and security services

For more information, visit .

State Materials Laboratory Qualified Products List

Have a new construction-related product to sell? Visit the State Materials Laboratory to find out if your product can be pre-approved for use in WSDOT’s highway construction and maintenance. View the Qualified Products List (QPL)  and submit a request for approval of materials if your product is not listed in the QPL.

Other State Agencies

View bid opportunities with other state agencies for goods and services, facility consultants, construction contractors, and more.


Contact WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity Small Business Program at .