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Qualified Products List (QPL)

The Qualified Products List is compiled by WSDOT's Materials Laboratory and published by WSDOT's Publications Services .

The QPL is a database of over 1,300 construction materials that have been pre-approved for use in WSDOT highway construction. Where there is a conflict between the QPL and the contract provisions, the contract provisions shall take precedence over the QPL. WSDOT is not responsible for errors or omissions in the QPL.

Per Washington State Department of Transportation Standard Specification for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction Section1-06.1(1) this website is considered to be the current QPL.

Products that do not perform or are found to be noncompliant with WSDOT specifications may be removed at any time from the QPL. The product will not be re-entered into the QPL or approved for use in the State of Washington until such time that adherence to the specifications can be verified and the product has undergone satisfactory performance evaluation.

For QPL Engineer Evaluation Charges, contact the QPL Engineer  at 360-709-5403 .

Contractors Guide for Materials Approval Submittal

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