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Administrative and Information Technology Contracts

The Administrative Contracts Office (ACO) develops acquisitions and contracts for Information Technology (IT) goods and/or services and professional services.

IT and Administrative Services acquisitions that require formal competition are advertised through Washington State’s common vendor registration and notification system. The vendor registration and notification system is called the Washington Electronic and Business Solution (WEBS).

Contracting with WSDOT
Check out the new brochure for information regarding Contracting with WSDOT (pdf, 266 kb). Please contact us for additional information.

Register with WEBS
Vendors can register for free in WEBS at:

Current Acquisitions

Acquisition Description Procurement Number
and Documents
Response Date
WSDOT Northwest Region Central Traffic
Signal Control System

January 5, 2016 12:00 PM PT

The Washington State Department of Transportation acquires goods and services through a competitive process. For the most current acquisitions please log into the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) website at:

Interlocal Agreements
RCW 39.34, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies such as WSDOT to contract with other governmental entities. This law includes a requirement for either filing Interlocal agreements with county recording offices, or publishing a list of all such contracts.

To comply with RCW 39.34.040, ACO has elected to publish a list of its Interlocal, Intergovernmental and Interagency Agreements (pdf, 74kb). ACO maintains this page and publishes the list quarterly.

If you have questions about any information in the list, please contact ACO.