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How do I respond to an open advertisement?

Responding to an advertisement is the first step to becoming a WSDOT Consultant. To respond:

  1. View the list of open advertisements.
  2. Determine if you can provide the services described.
  3. Make sure you are set up as a Washington business.
  4. Respond to the advertisement by carefully following the instructions in the Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP).
  5. If you are deemed the most qualified, you become a WSDOT Consultant.

For additional information, review frequently asked questions and answers

Doing Business in Washington

  • If you are not currently a business, learn more about getting started at Washington State's web site and follow the steps to start a business.

  • If you are already a business, but need to get your business licensed in Washington, follow the steps to get licensed in Washington.

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