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Download Construction GSPs

The WSDOT General Special Provisions, and Amendments are available to copy to your PC by FTP Site. To update your program files put everything located in the "WSDOT GSPs & Amendments" in your file located at C:/pse/gsps. Put everything located in the "WSDOT Index's" in your C:/pse/index. This is the default file location. If you modified the program, then place files in the correct folder location.

These files are always up-to-date and contain the latest updates. For any other questions, please call the MatsLab HelpDesk 360-709-5454.

WARNING: Delete all temporary internet files to ensure you see the latest updates to the following ftp locations.

WSDOT Indexes

WSDOT GSPs & Amendments

Directions for opening in Windows Explorer to enable sorting, drag and drop features

1. Click Word Files (FTP download) link above.

2. Click Page > Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer  

  Windows Explorer screenshot open FTP site

3. Click Details (sort by date to filter out the newest files). 

Windows Explorer screenshot sort and select file

4. Drag and drop the file you want to your PC.