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Bridge Preservation

Bridge Preservation Program

WSDOT’s Bridge Asset Management Plan focuses on achieving the greatest return through available investments. WSDOT’s bridge asset management goals are based on the following bridge preservation categories, listed from highest to lowest priority. Critical items in each category are prioritized to develop a 2 and 6 year plan based on available funding. 

  1. Border bridges (For more information on WSDOT’s border bridges, see
  2. Bridge Scour repairs 
  3. Bridge repairs 
  4. Steel Bridge painting 
  5. Concrete Bridge deck repair and overlay 
  6. Replacement or rehabilitation of bridges 
  7. Seismic Retrofit

Bridge Preservation Program

Bridge Needs Lists (by Region)
• Eastern Region (xlsx, 24kb)
North Central (xlsx, 19kb)
Northwest (xlsx, 97kb)
Olympic (xlsx, 51kb)
South Central (xlsx, 40kb) 
Southwest (xlsx, 47kb)

Bridge Needs Lists (by Preservation categories)
Statewide Bridge Preservation Needs by category of work (xlsx, 200kb)
Bridge Projects – Funded in the 2015-17 Biennium

Bridge Lists
• Statewide 
• Eastern Region 
• North Central 
• Northwest 
• Olympic 
• South Central 
• Southwest 

• Statewide 

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