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Publications and Resources

WSDOT supplements its performance reporting with research and other documentation related to the field of transportation, performance measurement, and accountability.

Transportation Performance Measurement
What are other states doing to measure and report system performance? WSDOT works with, and learns from other state DOTs, highway agencies, and transportation organizations to learn how to improve operations, project delivery, and measure and report on performance. WSDOT includes links to all 50 state DOTs and their key performance publications as a resource to researchers and other transportation professionals. More...

WSDOT Performance Measurement Presentations and Publications
In addition to the Gray Notebook archives, WSDOT archives other publications (available as downloadable portable document files - PDFs) related to transportation performance measurement and accountability in a separate archive:

  • Folios: Folios are WSDOT-produced brochures on a variety of topics. These documents help to better explain programs, technologies, and methodologies used in delivering projects and maintaining transportation systems.
  • Presentations: Reproduced presentation slides focus on performance measurement and accountability at WSDOT.
  • Reports and Papers: Included here are research reports presented to professional and academic organizations on performance measurement and accountability topics.
  • Gray Notebook Supplemental Information: These documents are provided online-only to support reporting included in the web-based Gray Notebook.