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Business Directions: WSDOT's Strategic Plan

2011-2017 Strategic Plan Overview

Business Directions is WSDOT's 2011-2017 Strategic Plan
The 2011-2017 Strategic Plan is available as a PDF (800 kb) by clicking the cover, above

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s 2011-2017 Strategic Plan, "Business Directions," sets the objectives and strategies the agency will focus on for the next six years. These guidelines support the agency’s commitment to the ongoing stewardship of and innovation in the state transportation system.

WSDOT’s mission is to keep people and business moving by operating and improving the state’s transportation systems vital to our taxpayers and communities. In order to accomplish this mission, WSDOT works toward achieving six goals: safety, preservation, mobility (congestion relief), environmental quality, system stewardship, and economic vitality.

WSDOT's 2011-2017 Strategic Plan updates the 2009-2015 Strategic Plan. This slimmer and more focused plan contains targeted strategies, a new Sustainable Transportation objective under the Stewardship policy goal, and several new objectives under the new Economic Vitality policy goal.

In addition, we will be focusing in 2011-2013 on specific near-term “Key Focus Areas” to help guide our decision-making. Each key focus area calls out select strategies that will help us make smart investment decisions as we head into the next biennium. The focus areas, like the Strategic Plan itself, do not encompass every program, activity, or product. Instead, they are targeted emphasis areas given the agency’s limited resources.

The plan identifies a number of measures that will be used to track performance against the plan. These strategies and related activities are aligned with those within our 2011-2013 budget request. The Strategic Plan will be dynamic to reflect changing revenue scenarios.

The 2011-2017 Business Directions: Strategic Plan is available as a PDF (800 kb) by clicking here.

You may view the previous 2009-2015 edition of the Strategic Plan, (PDF, 1.9 mb) by clicking here.

Also available online is the current edition of the Gray Notebook, which provides quarterly, in-depth reports on agency and transportation system performance. The Gray Notebook reflects WSDOT’s emphasis on accountability and communicating performance results for all key agency programs and systems, including priorities within the strategic plan.