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Measuring the Attainment of State Transportation Policy Goals

The 2014 Biennial Transportation Attainment Report (pdf 948 kb).
Transportation Attainment Report - Safety Measures
The Attainment Report contains a Dashboard that summarizes the progress of all performance measures within the report.
Transportation Attainment Report - Safety Page
The report is organized by policy goal and measure. The example above is Safety-measure 1.1.

In 2010, six statewide transportation policy goals were re-affirmed in statute to guide the planning for operation, and performance of, and investment in the state's transportation system.

  • Preservation: To maintain, preserve and extend the life and utility of prior investments in transportation systems and services.
  • Safety: To provide for and improve the safety and security of transportation customers and the transportation system.
  • Mobility (addressing congestion): To improve the predictable movement of goods and people throughout Washington state.
  • Environment: To enhance Washington's quality of life through transportation investments that promote energy conservation, enhance healthy communities and protect the environment.
  • Stewardship: To continuously improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the transportation system.
  • Economic Vitality: To promote and develop transportation systems that stimulate, support, and enhance the movement of people and goods to ensure a properous economy.

Biennial Transportation Progress Reports

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is responsible for establishing objectives and performance measures for the six goals, and for preparing a biennial progress report (also referred to as an "Attainment Report") for the Legislature and Governor, beginning in 2008 (RCW 47.01.071(5)). The purpose of these reports is to assess progress toward the goals and contribute to the overall performance of the transportation system. Rather than report on agency-specific performance, the focus is on overall system performance.

In January 2008, OFM submitted initial proposed objectives and performance measures to the Legislature in a baseline report (pdf 1 mb). The objectives and measures were developed with input from transportation agencies, stakeholders and the Legislature. In some cases, "placeholders" indicate that specific measures have yet to be developed.

2014 Biennial Transportation Attainment Report

The 2014 Biennial Report (pdf 948 kb) is the third assessment of the performance of the state's transportation system against the six policy goals. The 2014 edition includes reporting on six policy goals, as well as a performance dashboard that highlights the key performance indicators found within the report.

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