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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Pavement Conditions

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2012-2015). The full subject index for Pavement Conditions can be accessed here (pdf 154 kb).

Pavement Conditions on State Highways
Subject/Topic 2012 2013 2014 2015
Asset Sustainability Ratio for WSDOT Flexible Pavement 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
Chip Seal Pavements (BST Surfaces) 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
City and Local Pavement Conditions and Trends 12/Q4      
Concrete Pavement Lane Miles by Age 12/Q4 13/Q4    
Concrete Road Preservation Strategies   13/Q4    
Cost to Users from Driving on Rough Roads   13/Q4 14/Q4  
Deferred Preservation Liability 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
Pavement Conditions        
        By Pavement Type 12/Q4      
        Condition Trends 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
Pavement Preservation Funding 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
Pavement Rehabilitation Needs and Backlog 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
Pavement Smoothness: Relationship to Vehicle Miles



Preservation Strategies and Preventive Maintenance

Programmed Dollars by Pavement Type 12/Q4      
Quiet Pavement Research 12/Q3      
Remaining Service Life of WSDOT Pavement 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  
State and Federal Pavement Performance Measures        
        Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 
        Pavement Goal
        MAP-21 Pavement Measure     14/Q4  
        Results Washington: Pavement Measure   13/Q4 14/Q4  
Sustainable Pavement Management Practices     14/Q4  
Vehicle Miles Traveled by Pavement Type 12/Q4      
WSDOT Pavement Lane Miles by Type 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4  

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