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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Safety on State Highways

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2014-2017). Visit the full Safety index.

Safety on State Highways
Subject/Topic 2014201520162017
Age-related safety issues14/Q4
Before & After collision analysis
Cable median barriers
Highway safety improvement projects
Rumble strips
Safety rest areas & fatigue-related


Highway safety improvement program
Highway safety investment levels & fatalities
Intersection collisions14/Q2
Local agency safety efforts
Run off the road safety initiatives14/Q2
Safety analyst software & project prioritization
Safety rest areas
Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
Cost to operate rest areas15/Q116/Q117/Q1
   Emergent Needs
Electric vehicle charging stations at rest areas14/Q1
Facility condition ratings14/Q115/Q116/Q117/Q1
Inventory of WSDOT's safety rest areas17/Q1
Level of Service rating14/Q115/Q117/Q1
Map of WSDOT's safety rest areas14/Q115/Q116/Q117/Q1
Overview of WSDOT's safety rest area facilities17/Q1
Preservation & improvement projects at safety rest areas


Preservation funding & backlog14/Q115/Q116/Q1
Safety benefits14/Q115/Q1
Truck parking14/Q1
Visitors estimates14/Q115/Q116/Q117/Q1
Highway system safety programs
Seatbelt usage by type of road
Sustainable highway safety program15/Q2
Target zero program & priorities14/Q215/Q216/Q217/Q2
Traffic fatalities17/Q2
Annual number & rates in Washington14/Q215/Q216/Q217/Q2
On state highways, all state public roads, & U.S.


Relationship to vehicle miles traveled14/Q215/Q216/Q2
Traffic fatalities by cause: The role of impairment, speed,run off the road,or intersection-related14/Q217/Q2
Transit Safety 
        Transit related fatalities 16/Q317/Q4
        Transit related injuries16/Q317/Q4
        State safety oversight program16/Q317/Q4
        Transit asset management program16/Q317/Q4
        Drug and Alcohol policy program16/Q317/Q4

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