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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Environmental Stewardship

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2011-2014). The full subject index for Environmental Stewardship can be accessed here (pdf 213 kb).

Environmental Stewardship
Subject/Topic 2011 2012 2013 2014
Air Quality        
        Air Quality Standards 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Commuting by Ferry vs. Driving: Time, Cost and 
        Emission Savings

        EPA-designated Maintenance and Nonattainment Areas 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Ferries Emissions Reduction Strategies 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Puget Sound Clean Truck Program   12/Q3    
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions       14/Q2
Endangered Species Act Documentation         
        Compliance Status for All Funded Projects 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q3
        Duration of Formal Consultations 11/Q3 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3
        Duration of Informal Consultations 11/Q3 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3
        ESA Policy Changes Affecting WSDOT Projects 11/Q3 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3
        Programmatic Biological Consultations 11/Q3   13/Q3 14/Q3
Environmental Compliance          
        Environmental Training Program   12/Q4    
        Formal Environmental Violations 11/Q4 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4
        MAP-21 and Environmental Compliance   12/Q4    
        Monetary Penalties 11/Q4 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4
        Reportable Compliance Events 11/Q4      
        Violations by Category 11/Q4 12/Q4 13/Q4 14/Q4
Fish Passage Barriers         
        Completed Construction Projects 11/Q4 12/Q4 13/Q4  
        Miles of Upstream Habitat Restored by 
        Barrier Corrections



        Planned Construction Projects 11/Q4 12/Q4    
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documentation        
        Number of WSDOT Projects by Environmental 
        Documentation Type

Noise Quality         
        Bridge Noise Reduction 11/Q3 12/Q3     
        Noise Walls Constructed 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Quieter Pavement Testing and Research 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Rumble Strip Noise Reduction 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
        Underwater Noise Reduction 11/Q3 12/Q3   14/Q1
Programmatic Permitting        
        Ecology Programmatic Permit Usage and Trends 11/Q2 12/Q2 13/Q2 14/Q2
        Fish and Wildlife Programmatic Permit Usage and Trends 11/Q2 12/Q2 13/Q2 14/Q2
        Programmatic Agreements for Section 106 of the 
        National Historic Preservation Act
        Staff Time Saved by Using Programmatic Permits 11/Q2 12/Q2 13/Q2 14/Q2
Water Quality         
        Compliance with Construction Permit Turbidity 



        Construction Site Stormwater Monitoring 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q3 14/Q3
        Erosion Control Preparedness 11/Q1 12/Q1    
        Stormwater Management Facilities Constructed 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q3 14/Q3
        Stormwater Outfall Inventory Progress 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q3 14/Q3
        Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans 11/Q1 12/Q1    
Wetlands Protection         
        Completion of Wetland Mitigation 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q1 14/Q1
        Mitigation Acres Achieved 11/Q1      
        Mitigation Banks 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q1 14/Q1
        Mitigation Site Monitoring 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q1 14/Q1
        Replacement Wetland Locations 11/Q1   13/Q1  
        Replacement Wetlands by Type 11/Q1 12/Q1 13/Q1 14/Q1
        Site Management Activities and Completion Rates by 
        WSDOT Region


        Wetland Sites Meeting Performance Standards 11/Q1      

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