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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Environmental Stewardship

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2013-2016).

Environmental Stewardship
Subject/Topic 2013 2014 2015 2016
Air Quality        
        Air quality standards   14/Q1   16/Q1
        Commuting by ferry vs. driving: Time, cost &
        emission savings

        EPA-designated maintenance & nonattainment areas   14/Q1   16/Q1
        Ferries emissions reduction strategies   14/Q1   16/Q1
        Puget Sound clean truck program        
Climate change & Greenhouse Gas emissions   14/Q2    
Endangered Species Act Documentation         
        Compliance status for all funded projects   14/Q3 
        Duration of formal consultations 13/Q3 14/Q3    
        Duration of informal consultations 13/Q3 14/Q3    
        ESA policy changes affecting WSDOT projects 13/Q3 14/Q3    
        Programmatic biological consultations 13/Q3 14/Q3    
Environmental approval of local agency projects     15/Q2  
Environmental Compliance          
        Environmental awards     15/Q4  
        Environmental training program        
        Formal environmental violations 13/Q4 14/Q4 15/Q4  
        MAP-21 & environmental compliance        
        Monetary penalties 13/Q4 14/Q4 15/Q4  
        Reportable compliance events        
        Violations by category 13/Q4 14/Q4 15/Q4  
Fish Passage Barriers         
        Completed construction projects 13/Q4   15/Q2  
        Miles of upstream habitat restored by 
        barrier corrections



        Planned construction projects        
Noise Quality         
        Bridge noise reduction         
        Noise walls constructed   14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Quieter pavement testing & research   14/Q1 15/Q1  
        Rumble strip noise reduction   14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Underwater noise reduction   14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
Programmatic Permitting        
        Ecology programmatic permit usage & trends 13/Q2 14/Q2 15/Q2  
        Fish & wildlife programmatic permit usage/trends 13/Q2 14/Q2 15/Q2  
        Programmatic agreements for Section 106 of the 
        National Historic Preservation Act

        Staff time saved by using programmatic permits 13/Q2 14/Q2 15/Q2  
Water Quality         
        Compliance with construction permit turbidity 




        Construction site stormwater monitoring 13/Q3 14/Q3 15/Q3  
        Erosion control preparedness        
        Stormwater management facilities constructed 13/Q3 14/Q3 15/Q3  
        Stormwater outfall inventory progress 13/Q3 14/Q3 15/Q3  
        Stormwater pollution prevention plans        
Wetlands Protection         
        Completion of wetland mitigation 13/Q1 14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Mitigation acres achieved     15/Q1 16/Q1
        Mitigation banks 13/Q1 14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Mitigation site monitoring 13/Q1 14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Replacement wetland locations 13/Q1   15/Q1  
        Replacement wetlands by type 13/Q1 14/Q1 15/Q1 16/Q1
        Site management activities & completion rates by 
        WSDOT region

        Wetland sites meeting performance standards     15/Q1 16/Q1

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