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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Bridge Conditions

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2013-2016). Visit the full Bridge Conditions Subject Index.

Bridge Conditions on State Highways
Subject/Topic 2013201420152016 
Age of WSDOT bridges  15/Q216/Q2 
Border bridges13/Q2   
Bridge asset management plan 14/Q215/Q2 
Bridge Preservation    
        Concrete bridge deck overlay13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
        Planned funding & projected needs13/Q2 15/Q216/Q2 
        Steel bridge painting & cleaning13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
Fracture critical bridges13/Q214/Q2  
Inventory of WSDOT bridges13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2  
Load ratings & restrictions13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
Local agency bridges13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
Replacement & rehabilitation13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
Risk Reduction    
        Bridge Element Deterioration   16/Q2 
        Concrete Bridge Deck Deterioration   16/Q2 
        Over-height Truck Impacts   16/Q2 
        Scour mitigation13/Q2  16/Q2 
        Seismic retrofit13/Q2  16/Q2
        Steel Bridge Deterioration   16/Q2
Skagit River Bridge collapse13/Q214/Q2  
State & Federal Bridge Performance Measures    
        Governmental Accounting Standards Board 
        (GASB) bridge goal


        MAP-21: Bridge measure 14/Q215/Q216/Q2
        Results Washington: Bridge measure13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2
Structural Condition Ratings      
        By deck area13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2
        By number of bridges13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2
        Condition rating systems & definitions13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2 
        Local agency bridge conditions13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2
        National Highway System bridges 14/Q215/Q216/Q2
        Structurally deficient bridges13/Q214/Q215/Q216/Q2

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