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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Aviation

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2013-2016). Visit the full Aviation Subject Index.

Subject/Topic  2013201420152016 
Air Freight    
        Annual air cargo tonnage13/Q114/Q215/Q216/Q2
        Sea-Tac air freight by type13/Q1 15/Q216/Q2
Aircraft registration13/Q314/Q315/Q316/Q3
Airport Aid Grant Program     
        Completed & anticipated pavement projects  15/Q3 
        Local airport aid grants by funding source13/Q314/Q315/Q316/Q3
        Projects by category13/Q314/Q315/Q316/Q3
Airport investment solutions/handbook  15/Q316/Q3
Airport land use compatibility program    
Airport master record inspections  15/Q316/Q3 
Aviation economic impact study    
Disaster response  15/Q316/Q3
General aviation passenger safety  15/Q316/Q3
Pavement conditions at airports13/Q3   
Public-use airports in Washington13/Q314/Q315/Q3 
Search & Rescue operations &
Emergency Response


State capital improvement program13/Q314/Q315/Q316/Q3 
Washington aviation system plan  15/Q3 
 Aviation Lean   16/Q3

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