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Gray Notebook Subject Index: Aviation

The table below lists subjects included in the most recent four years of the Gray Notebook (2012-2015). The full subject index for aviation can be accessed here (pdf 217 kb).

Subject/Topic  2012 2013 2014 2015
Air Freight        
        Annual Air Cargo Tonnage 12/Q1 13/Q1 14/Q2 15/Q2
        Sea-Tac Air Freight by Type 12/Q1 13/Q1   15/Q2
Aircraft Registration 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3  
Airport Aid Grant Program         
        Local Airport Aid Grants by Funding Source 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3  
        Projects by Category 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3  
Airport Land Use Compatibility Program 12/Q3      
Aviation Economic Impact Study 12/Q1      
Disaster Response 12/Q3      
Pavement Conditions at Airports 12/Q3 13/Q3    
Public-use Airports in Washington   13/Q3 14/Q3  
Search and Rescue Operations and
Emergency Response

State Capital Improvement Program 12/Q3 13/Q3 14/Q3  

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